In science we trust?

frankensteinThe recent Earth Day marches for “science” has had me on a science vs. religion train of thought.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I like science.  It was one of my favorite subjects in school.  I have been an amateur astronomer in the past.  I love studying and learning about nature.  I draw the line at letting science supplant God as the center of my faith.

True science and true religion are one.  However, science takes time to reveal truth and God takes his time revealing it. We don’t have all the data we’d like to have.  We walk by faith.

Science exercise faith.  There was an article a few years back where a scientist predicted we would definitely find life in the universe in the next 20 years.  That’s a statement of faith.  Faith is a belief backed by actions.  We spent a lot of money exploring space, looking for life.  We have scientists dedicating years of their time looking for signs of life elsewhere–even though we currently have no evidence that life exists elsewhere.  We hope there is life out there.  We expect to find life out there.  The only life we know of is here.  What evidence pushes us onward to the tune of spending millions of dollars?  None.  Looking for extraterrestrial life is an act of faith.

I like the idea of scientists admitting they act on faith and then including God in their efforts.  Faith in God holds them accountable to something greater than the people who fund them.  It promotes honesty and integrity.  A scientist who doesn’t have faith in God will often sell his soul to the highest bidder.  It’s like those “scientists” for years who told us that smoking tobacco was harmless.  I collect old World War II recordings.  The commercials in these shows were embedded into the program scripts in many cases.  In one of them, Bing Crosby does a commercial for Chesterfield cigarettes that says they make your breath fresh and that they’re healthy for you.  Seriously!  You can buy anything in this world for money, including  scientists.

There was an article today in the San Diego Union-Tribune stating that higher sodium intake is associated with LOWER blood pressure.  For years now, we have been told the opposite.  Lots of people have high blood pressure and lots of them live on sodium-restricted diets.  Both of these opposing conclusions were arrived at by scientists.

For years, cholesterol was the bad guy.  Now it’s less of an issue.  Then today, there’s an article in the UK’s Express that reports there is “no association between saturated fat and heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or death.”  It’s from one extreme to the other.

There were diets that told us to cut carbohydrates.  Then studies showed that low-carb diets were dangerous, especially for children.  I could go on an on with the “science” that supported various diet fads” HCG Diet, Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, Master Cleanse, South Beach Diet, etc.

Meanwhile, latter day saints have observed a principle called the “Word of Wisdom” for nearly two centuries.  This is a health regimen that was given by revelation to a prophet of God.  It cautions against using alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea.  It promotes eating meat sparingly, eating whole grains, and fruit.  It promotes an attitude of moderation in all things.  Not surprisingly, Mormons have often been used as a control group in medical studies.  Just find any academic database of medical studies and type in “latter-day saint” or “Mormon” and you’ll find studies that do this.  Why scientists like Mormons as a control group?  Overall, there is a uniform healthiness among us and a general conformity to standards of behavior that are informed by our beliefs.  Mormons are healthier, live longer, have more children, and are active well into their latter years compared to other populations.  We’re a baseline on what life well-lived could be like.

Our health code comes from our religion, not from science.

Again, I’m not discouraging science.  Science is important, but scientists are unwise if they represent their system as the only valid way to arrive at truth.  Scientists change their minds.  They are affected by fads and funding.

The scientific experts of Ignaz Semmelweis’ time drummed him out of the medical profession because he advocated washing hands before examining patients.  Doctors in his day used to carve up cadavers to teach students anatomy and then go examine live patients without washing up in between.  Patients died of infection.  Semmelweis noted that mothers who gave birth assisted by midwives had lower rates of infection and lower infant mortality compared to doctors.  The difference, the midwives never touched cadavers.  Semmelweis postulated that some unseen particles were being transferred from cadavers to live patients by the doctors.  Semmelweis was drummed out of the medical profession, even though he showed that handwashing with a chlorine solution reduced infection rates.  Why was he rejected by the medical profession?  He dared to blame the doctors for the cause of infection.

Nikolai Tesla had ideas about using “free energy.”  He had tested ways of transmitting electrical current through the earth and making it available to everyone.  Because his method could not be metered (and thus no company could regulate its distribution and profit from it), corporatists went with Edison’s concepts.  When Tesla died, the government seized his work and locked it away.  In this case, the most beneficial science was stonewalled in favor of the science that could be used to generate more wealth for the tycoons who controlled the emerging energy sector.

Globalists today are using “climate change” to drive legislation that will literally tax the air you breathe (actually, only the part you exhale).  We know that leading scientists in the global warming research faked data.  Emails were leaked from East Anglia University scientists in Britain, showing that data that didn’t fit the models was intentionally suppressed.  Al Gore’s data has been shown to be wrong.  We have evidence of global warming taking place on other planets where we have spacecraft monitoring temperatures.  We have data that shows a cooling trend for the past decade, not warming.  However, the politics of control and profit are more powerful that most scientists’ integrity.

This would change if scientists believe that there’s a God in heaven who will judge them for their works.  The notion of hellfire, even metaphorical, is a strong incentive to be honest and tell the truth.  Knowing that an all-seeing God will judge each of us should make us tremble deep down inside.  We can’t hide anything from him.  He rewards honesty.  He forgives sin if we repent. He sends the unrepentant into hell until they repent.

Scientific data doesn’t just evolve naturally.  It often swings from one extreme to the other, like the medical findings mentioned above.  Pride, ego, and personality comes into play.  The debate over whether Pluto is a planet comes down to two rival scientists who are locked in a personal battle against each other.  I wrote about this in my blog post, “Truth, Science, and Human Nature.”  It’s worth a read.  How many other scientific debates are driven by ego, pride, money, or desire for renown?

Last year, a leaked NASA paper showed that scientists are stymied by a new form of rocket propulsion called the EM drive.  Despite clear evidence that the engine does what its inventor claims, scientists are resistant to it.  Why? Because it defies the laws of physics as we understand them today.  Rather than admit that our understanding of physics is demonstrably wrong (because the engine works!), scientists won’t admit that it works until they can rewrite the physics behind it.  With this engine, we could build a spaceship that could get to Mars in two weeks, instead of the months it takes to get there now.  Like Tesla, the inventor is not going to make any progress until a wealthy corporate benefactor finds a way to profit from owning or controlling it.

The guy who invented the Segway transport, Dean Kamen, holds patents for 440 inventions.  Among them was a small device that could have revolutionized the Third World and saved thousands, maybe even millions of lives over time.  I saw him demo the device on a TV show.  The model was small enough to carry around, but the production model is about the size of a refrigerator.  It has a small combustion chamber where a person could burn a small amount of combustible material like dry sticks.  The heat produced creates a temperature variation that drives a small pump.  It runs a process called vapor compression.  The pump can filter approximately 250,000 liters of water a year, making it drinkable.  It works with any water source, including sewage.  It also produced enough electrical power to electrify a village.

Why hasn’t this invention gone mainstream all over Africa and Asia?  It would weaken the death-grip of strongmen and warlords over a population.  It decentralizes control. It would make villages independent of large power and utility companies.  Right now, the best shot at it going into areas that need it most are being exploited by Coke, the soft-drink maker.

Science is limited by its funding sources.  Scientists are beholden to those who pay their grants and employ them.  An oil company scientist would find himself on the street if he found a new source of energy that made oil obsolete.  A doctor who found a way to treat cancer effectively and cheaply might find his funding withdrawn because of pressure from Big Pharma.  Chemotherapy is expensive for patients and profitable for the companies that make the drugs.

Science is constantly updating its knowledge base, but technologies that have military applications might never see the light of day.  When you get computer chips on the market nowadays, you can be sure that the military is using something that is a couple generations ahead of what is currently available.  What kinds of beneficial technologies are denied the world because there might be a way for an enemy to use it against us?

The scientifically-oriented like to point out the story of Galileo and the Catholic Church’s efforts to intimidate and suppress his findings.  I would point out that Roman Catholicism was a product of the Great Apostasy.  It was a religion that denied ongoing revelation from God.  What you essentially had was a false science that aligned itself politically against a competing science.  The same can be said of the advocates of Creationism today.  They come from a religious system that denies that God can reveal new truth and they limit themselves to interpreting an ancient collection of texts.

Latter-day saints believe in a living, speaking God who reveals his will to humanity in the current age as well as ancient times.  Interestingly, since the First Vision in 1820, just look at the innovation and progress that has been poured out into the world, particularly in fields of transportation and communications.  The fields that most especially benefit the spreading of the restored gospel message have experienced stunning advances.  Mormons have been involved with many of these innovations.

For now, I find comfort in knowing that the Lord has an open agenda with humanity. He reveals what we need and he can inspire scientific discovery for our benefit.  Truth is independent in the sphere in which God has placed it to act, the D&C tells us.  It finds its way out eventually.  It wants to be known.  The wicked can only suppress it so long.

While I am interested in science, I place my faith in God.  I’m far from the model believer, but I know in whom I place my trust.  The Lord’s track record predictably perfect.  Science can be dubious at times.  Balanced together, faith and science work well for humanity.

Marching for science?

hand of god space

Being older gives you perspective.  You pick up facts along the path of your life.  You see trends and fads that come and go.  I saw one of those today.

On my Facebook feed, I saw a “live” broadcast from one of the local news meteorologists from the Oklahoma City “March for Science.”  My BS detector went off big-time.  It wasn’t because of anything the weather girl said or did.  It was the whole premise of the “march.”

There were all these people marching, carrying signs.  All of the signs had some leftist bent to them.  Some were about global warming or climate change being settled fact–which is far from true.  Others were protesting for higher teacher pay and more public school spending on science and math.  Some were protesting against Creationism.  Others had some anti-religion slogans.  There were a bunch of anti-Trump signs.

Overall, everything I saw seemed to display scorn or derision for religion or issues that pro-religion voters are concerned about.  The idea of having a “march for science” seemed goofy to begin with.  Science isn’t under any kind of threat?  Indeed, it’s religion that has been on the losing end of the culture war.  That’s why I thought it was odd to have the weather girl covering the event on her personal Facebook feed, because she is a Christian.

Many people don’t connect the dots anymore.  Let me put some dots out there for you, in seemingly random order.  Let’s see if you can piece them together yourself.

  • Karl Marx and Frederick Engels publish the Communist Manifesto in February of 1848. In it, the authors wrote ” All religions so far have been the expression of historical stages of development of individual peoples or groups of peoples. But communism is the stage of historical development which makes all existing religions superfluous and brings about their disappearance” (Engels. 1848. p. 40)
  • Vladimir Lenin was born on April 22, 1870. Lenin was the revolutionary leader who led the Bolshevik coup in November 1917.  Lenin built upon the thinking of Marx and Engels, but he introduced ideas of his own.  In particular, please consider:

Lenin went on to argue that the people who would have to bring “socialist consciousness” to the working class “from without” would be “professional revolutionaries”, drawn at first mainly from the ranks of the bourgeois intelligentsia. In fact he argued that the Russian Social Democratic Party should be such an “organisation of professional revolutionaries”, acting as the vanguard of the working class. The task of this vanguard party to be composed of professional revolutionaries under strict central control was to “lead” the working class, offering them slogans to follow and struggle for. It is the very antithesis of Marx’s theory of working class self-emancipation (Marxism vs. Leninism).

This is how Lenin established the Soviet Union. It was not a popular uprising against the monarchy.  It was an “organization of professional revolutionaries,” much like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other groups we see organizing and protesting today.  We see these groups fomenting violence and riot.  The “vanguard party” is the Democratic Party and it is underwritten by various elite, leftist groups and individuals.

In the 1960s, the Democratic Party became radicalized, particularly through the anti-Vietnam War movement.  Groups like Students for a Democratic Society, the Weather Underground, the Black Panther Party, and other groups worked overtly to subvert American culture, religion, and family values.

Part of this radicalization included “liberation” of women, Malthusian and Sangerite notions to implement widespread use of sex education, contraception, abortion, licentiousness, “open” marriages, and homosexuality as part of an agenda to weaken Judeo-Christian values they considered repressive.

Broadcast standards were slackened.  The public gained an increasing appetite for indecent and lewd entertainment.  Music became increasingly degenerate.  Worthless and degrading art was funded by federal grants.  Radicalized students, educated in a leftist catechism entered the world of business, media, entertainment, science, and academia.  Their corrupt philosophies tainted everything they touched.  I can recall one of my favorite bands, Chicago, dedicating their third album to the people of the “revolution.”  They were a product of that radicalization, but they grew out of it as they grew up.

One of the tactics of these subversives is to rename their organizations and activist movements with misleading names.  Students for a Democratic Society wanted to establish a communist dictatorship.  The Union of Concerned Scientists, which still exists today, originally received funding from Moscow.  It’s intent was to encourage the United States to pursue unilateral nuclear disarmament at a time when global expansion was the goal of Soviet Russia.

Even today, “Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t protest when a black person kills another black person.  It is a communist front group trying to start an insurgency.  Media Matter seeks to shut down conservative free speech, leaving only the voice of the leftist monoparty (Media Matters).  It characterizes conservatives as racists and liars, seeking to intimidate right-wing voices.  “Net Neutrality” was about gaining control of independent citizen journalists and bloggers.  The Center for American Progress is a George Soros-funded think tank that supports left-wing causes.  Its definition of progress is “progressivism,” a euphemism for communist dictatorship.

Entire government agencies were set up to achieve left-wing, globalist ends.  The Environmental Protection Agency was devised by the globalists to use environmental regulation to gain control over private property rights and shut down certain American resource extraction industries: timber, coal, oil, etc.  Likewise, the Department of Homeland Security was formed when the Department of Defense failed to defend the homeland.  Obama used it to form a second military force under executive control.  Soviet Russia had a department of homeland (internal) security.  It was called the KGB.

Science in the 1960s made everyone afraid of pollution, but conservative businesses successfully cleaned up the air and waterways.  New technologies were invented by the marketplace.  The left promoted the first “Earth Day” on April 20, 1970.  Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson pushed it through as an event to create momentum for the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.  Why was April 22 picked for Earth Day?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that the first earth day was on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin?

Fear of overpopulation was a big deal in the 1960s.  They wanted “zero population growth” or the world would not survive.  Everyone needed to use contraceptives and only have 1.2 children per family.  (In the liberal mind, China’s one-child policy is the example for the rest of the world.)

Then there was the fear-mongering about global cooling–that we were going to cause another Ice Age.  In the 1980s, it was fear of a nuclear winter (when Reagan was in office.)  Then during he Bush-era, the EPA warned us about chlorofluorocarbons that were eating up the ozone layer.  The earth was in danger and we were all supposed to stop using aerosol deodorants, hair sprays, and air conditioners.  (Then the “settled” science changed when we found that the ozone hole is an annual event that cycles through a contraction and expansion.

Then it became global warming.  East Anglia University in Great Britain was exposed as having suppressed data that didn’t fit their models.  Much of the data regarding global warming is suspect.  It’s far from settled science.  It’s a red herring.  The elites want to be able to tax you for breathing.  God gives us free air and water.  The globalists have got you paying $1.50 a bottle for the most abundant substance on earth and now they want you to pay for exhaling carbon dioxide!  Scientists are bought and paid for the way expert witnesses are in a court of law.  They will say almost anything for money.  Those who won’t toe the line won’t get published and they won’t get on the airwaves.  They are called “deniers” and characterized like white supremacists who say the Holocaust didn’t happen.  (Somehow, that criticism and ostracism doesn’t apply to Muslims who make that claim, but that’s fodder for a different discussion altogether.)

So today, we’ve got leftists doing an anti-religion protest in the streets of Oklahoma’s capital.  This is the land of Oral Roberts.  There are so many Baptist churches here, you couldn’t throw a stone without it bouncing off of one.  For the most part, Oklahomans are God-fearing people.  That’s why it seems so surreal to see people marching in our midst protesting against religion and for science–as if science was going to go away or something.

It’s just the left trying to stir up trouble.  People don’t connect the dots.  The people carrying the signs don’t really see the connections.  If you show them, they call you a conspiracy theorist or a racist.  I’m neither.  I’m just old enough to see the dots and wise enough to connect them.

I could go on more about the left-wing environmentalist wacko stuff, like David Rockefeller’s Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant (Earth Charter). Yep.  The globalists have their own their very deity: Gaia, the Earth Spirit and they have their very own Ark of the Covenant built to their false god, which sits in the UN, home of your future world government.

The battle on earth is for the souls of people.  The godless don’t want you to believe in anything you can’t see.  The godly have faith, but most of them are all for true science.  The radicals and revolutionaries on the left have always opposed revealed religion.  The “March for Science” is a bogus way to deceive good people into supporting something that is against their own faith and self-interest.


oppenheimerI replied back to the Facebook thread that precipitated this blog post as an afterthought:

The old monster movies provide us with an appropriate metaphor.  It was always the mad scientist who created the monster.  The people always ran to the priest for help when the monster threatened their peace.  It has been scientists who brought us nukes, chemical and biological weapons, etc.  Without religion to temper it, science has no moral core whatsoever.  We need science, but science needs religion.  Without that combination, we face destruction at our own hand.

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Mitt’s binders and a lost opportunity

romney_mormon_underwearI try to be as positive as I can.  I have hopes that the Trump Administration might stave off total disaster for several years, but disaster is coming.  I have studied the words of ancient and modern-day prophets.  America’s fate is sealed.  It will be nearly destroyed by secret combinations and foreign powers.  Then by God’s grace, it will be redeemed for his covenant people: the remnant of Lehi’s posterity and those saints who will have gathered out from among the Gentiles.

In 2007, my wife mentioned that the upcoming 2008 presidential race had a different feel to it.  She said, “It’s as if America’s making a choice.”  By that, she didn’t mean a choice of president.  It was making a choice for either survival or destruction.  America was at a crossroads.  The choices were never so clear.

In the GOP primaries, Mitt Romney survived the constant attacks from within his own party.  The other candidates had histories of being adulterers, philanderers, had connections with financial scandal or moral turpitude.  The Christian right balked at Romney because he was a Mormon: a “cultist” in their view.  Even the president of the Southern Baptist Convention said that Mitt’s Mormonism was a bigger problem for them than Gingrich’s divorces, adultery, abandonment of his gravely ill first wife, and his “open marriage” proposal to his prior spouse.

The GOP went with McCain — who had managed to outlive his association with the “Keating Five” scandal — and they lost miserably.

All during that primary season, I was collecting data on anti-Mormon activity.  There was a huge spike in activity among anti-Mormon groups and individuals.  Many LDS meetinghouses were vandalized or torched.  In some areas, latter-day saints became victims of assaults.  A Mormon bishop was shot.  There had not been such a surge in anti-Mormonism since 1989 when the Congress refused to seat B.H. Roberts, a Mormon polygamist., and Reed Smoot in 1902.

Even pundits in the media marveled.  Mormons were suddenly fair game, probably because a Mormon conservative was running for President.  If Harry Reid had run, it would have been different for the left.  The comedic anti-Mormon parody “The Book of Mormon” musical received rave reviews among the worldly and irreligious.  HBO offered “Sister Wives” about a separatist Mormon offshoot sect.  In one episode, they supposedly recreated a part of the Mormon temple ceremony and displayed sacred Mormon temple clothing.  The anti-Mormon outpouring was so substantial that even media pundits mused ironically that Mormonism was the last, safe target of bigotry and intolerance.

Amazingly, Romney was able to come back and capture the nomination on his second attempt.  Here it was in a debate with President Obama that the media found ammunition to portray Romney as out-of-touch with secular America.  Romney related how, in his determination to include many qualified women in his administration as governor of Massachusetts, he had “binders full of women.”

That’s what precipitated this blog post.  This week, Romney’s binders surfaced.  Yes, they were real.  They were filled with resumes and cover letters from around 200 outstanding women who were considered for Romney’s cabinet and various government posts.  The left guffawed over such a dated method of using binders instead of “LinkedIn” or “”Snapchat” to review credentials. Nevertheless, it was real.  It was tangible.  It showed intention and effort in a direction that women would have considered positive.  Typical of Lucifer, who loves to turn truth into a negative, the leftist media framed Romney’s approach in such a way to make it look dated and thus, misogynist.  It’s the “Overton Window.”

Often in life, it is not the “cool people” who get things done and do them right.  Popularity is often based on appearance or a manufactured perception of “cool.”  Romney was not one of the cool guys.  He was a focused numbers guy.  He was a businessman who could save dying businesses and bring them back from the brink–a feat he had accomplished numerous times.  Not a bad deal for a debtor nation with a failing economy.

Obama-As-Jesus-Painting-Criticized-Catholic-LeagueObama, on the other hand, was almost a blank.  America projected what they wanted onto him.  He voted “present” more times as an Illinois legislator than he did “yes” or “no.”  Everything about him was questionable.  The birth certificate.  His nine social security numbers.  His grandmother saying that she was present at his birth in Kenya.  His college applications as a “foreign student.”  Michelle referring to Kenya as his homeland.  George Stephanopolis correcting him in an interview after Obama mentioned “my Muslim faith.”  Rumors of him frequenting gay bathhouses in Chicago.  Shady connections with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and slumlord Tony Rezko.  Obama didn’t even own his own home.  He lived in a home owned by four other people with political ties to the Democrat machine in Illinois.

Meanwhile, the media and pop culture nearly consecrated Obama for secular sainthood.  In the homes of black friends and even Church members, there were posters of Obama that portrayed him as almost divine.  It was a cult of personality.

The sad part was that we knew all of this in 2012.  In 2008, a lot of people were uninformed.  The second time, the entire conservative movement could not have failed to understand who Obama was and what he represented.  Furthermore, we had a full understanding of where he was going based on past performance.  “Weaponization” of the IRS against the Tea Party.  Refusal of the Justice Department to enforce federal drug laws and the borders.  Obamacare.  Bailouts of the “too big to fail” banks.  Government take-over of GM.  Broad executive actions to shut down the energy sector. Handouts to political cronies in various “green” movements.  Nearly a trillion dollars to fund “shovel-ready” projects that never got built.  The money went instead to liberal community action groups.  It was a trillion-dollar slush fund for left wing initiatives.  Payday for the left.

Just the other day, I was attacked online by some guy I don’t even know for busting the Obama sainthood myth–that there were no scandals in the Obama Administration.  It is a precept of liberal orthodoxy: Thou shalt not speak evil of Saint Barack the Blameless.

romney - bom musicalChristian conservatives knew all of this in 2012.  They tried their best to deny Romney the nomination.  The anti-Mormons continued their work.  One by one, they tried to champion other candidates, but each one disqualified himself in some way.  Romney was the last man standing and he got the nomination.  When election time came, just enough evangelical Christians stayed home or voted third party, to give Obama the win again.

In 2016, some of them were begging for Mitt to come back.  Mitt politely declined.  He had been through enough and his Church had been through enough.  He did his duty to his party, as his former role required, but he was not going to be the whipping boy this time.  America had made its choice regarding a Mormon president.

And so we ended up with Trump against Hillary, to the dismay of Christian conservatives.  Trump isn’t a religious guy.  He respects religion as a thing and he believes in God, but he holds no real bona fides as an evangelical.  He doesn’t have a “personal relationship with Jesus.”  He even says he doesn’t need to be forgiven because he doesn’t do anything wrong.  He’s unrepentant.  What the scriptures call a “natural man.”

Given the choices, what could they do?  They had eaten the “sour grape” and set the “children’s teeth” on edge (See Jeremiah 31:30).  As my wife said in 2007, there was a choice to be made.  The Gentiles–evangelical conservatives–were not going to accept a president who believed in living prophets and the Book of Mormon.  Ever.  The choices they ended up with in 2016 were direct results of their rejection of Romney in 2008 and 2012.

This wasn’t rejection of Romney as a man.  It was a rejection of the precepts of Mormonism. Here’s what they rejected.  It’s just one supremely important truth:

That God can still speak outside the pages of the Bible

The ironic thing is that rejection of this precept fundamentally seals their destruction.  Evangelicals believe we live in the last days.  Their own Bible teaches them to expect a time of persecution and tribulation from secularists.  It tells them to prepare.  It tells them to endure.  It tells them that the very testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

If God did not speak to Joseph Smith, then where is the authoritative voice that bears the true spirit of prophecy today?  Who is it? Franklin Graham?  The Pope?  John Hagee?  Who has true prophetic authority to unite Christians and help them endure that which they believe is coming? If God ever chose to speak to anyone else, would they even listen at all–or would they murder him, too, the way they did Joseph Smith?

Thus, in their haste to condemn the precept of modern revelation, they rejected a man who believes in it.  More importantly, they cut themselves off from the very precept and denied it.  When dark times come, they will have their Bible and a thousand different voices saying it means something else entirely.  (Just look up Bible prophecy on YouTube and you’ll see all the conflicting opinions about what the Bible says is to come!)

They were standing in the dark with a candle offered to them and they blew out the candle because the guy holding it was a Mormon.  Now they are in darkness.

Ancient Israel made a similar choice.  They could be ruled by judges and the counsel of God’s prophets or they could have a king, to be like other nations.  They choice the “secular” option, to have a king, against the counsel of God’s prophet.  It was their choice and it brought them hardship and sometimes, even bondage.  They could have men who listened to prophets to govern them or those who did not.  America had the same choice.

I pray that Trump succeeds in keeping America safe and prosperous, because the alternative is war and ruin.  Nobody wants that.  Nevertheless, it may well be what the conservative right chose for themselves.  They got what they wanted.  They will get what they deserve.

Truth takes time

grass in the sidewalk

There’s a maxim I’ve adopted.  “Truth takes time.”  It always seems that there is a rush to judgment on the part of many people.  The will take the first appearance of a situation or a set of facts and make an initial judgment on it.  From that point forward, newly emerging facts won’t sway their opinions, even if the latter facts contradict their initial perceptions.

In religion this happens frequently regarding Mormonism.  A person will receive instruction from a pastor or priest of his or her church regarding Mormons.  Inevitably, those “facts” are either intentionally biased or are filled with misinformation regarding our beliefs.  Half-truths are common.  The opinions formed are thus negative.  It takes an astonishing amount of “proof” to change the person’s mind afterwards.  In their own mind, they are an “expert” because they received their information from a person they presumed to be qualified to speak on said subject.

I’ve had people from other denominations tell me that I really didn’t know what Mormons believed as they proceeded to inform me of their facts.  Never mind that I have been a practicing Mormon for nearly four decades.  What their preacher told them is “true” and what my lifelong experience says contrary-wise has no credence whatsoever to them.  You can’t change a closed mind.

Likewise, you see this a lot in politics and the media.  Take, for example, the recent fuss about Trump’s communications being intercepted and released among the intelligence services.  Trump fired off a “tweet” that set the ball in motion.  The left reacted automatically to protect and defend the Obama Administration.  Their denials came across as hollow, given the few known facts–namely those that led to the resignation of Mike Flynn.

In the weeks since the Prez’s tweets, there has been a veritable smokescreen of contradictory statements and counter-accusations.  The purpose of these, to my mind, is to obscure the truth.  People who need a justification to support their leftist views immediately started citing these denials and accusations on the Facebook pages and comments sections of various web sites.  Their minds were already made up.  They just needed something that sounded reasonable.

Meanwhile, most of us on the right suspected foul play and we waited for further light and knowledge to be revealed.  If you will just wait instead of making snap judgments, the truth usually will emerge despite all efforts to conceal it.  Now we know that it wasn’t the FBI who ordered Trump to be monitored.  It goes all the way up to the White House.  Susan Rice, Obama’s former national security adviser, left a trail of electronic breadcrumbs in the various computer logs that provide security of the various systems she used to access reports and unmask the names of US citizens monitored.  Her unmasking of the identities and releasing the information to left-wing news outlets is a felony, punishable by 10 years in prison.

For many liberals who hate Trump and bought the lies and denials, the latter facts won’t change their minds.  The low-information crowd has already stopped thinking and are busy just getting offended. They will just parrot the lies without further consideration.  The truth is the “alternative facts” about which the press derided Kellyanne Conway so sharply.  They are acting quite juvenile in that way.

Whenever I happened to catch my children in a lie when they were growing up, I explained to them that truth is like a living thing.  Mormon scriptures tell us that truth is “independent” and can “act” for itself.  The truth wants to be known.  Like the grass that springs up through the cracks in the sidewalk, it finds a way to push through.  It takes a lot of effort to obscure truth and it never is completely successful over time.  The truth always emerges.

Considering that, it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind for a little while before committing oneself to an opinion.  When the facts are know, things often look quite different than they did at the beginning.  Given the promise that the truth will set us free, why would we want to settle for anything else?

When truth no longer matters

mazeWe live in a time where truth no longer matters.  When I mean truth, I just don’t mean religious truth.  I mean, it doesn’t matter anymore what is true or false for the majority of the people around you.  Maybe you don’t even care what is true.

This isn’t about Trump, although the daily media spotlight is all about him.  It’s everywhere.  It’s in science.  It’s in business.  It’s in the courts.  It’s in academia.

There was an article the other day about how the scientific method isn’t even used in most published studies anymore.  Why?  Because the people requesting the studies didn’t ask for them to be done scientifically.  Thus, all these expert “studies” that have been published are just fictional works-for-hire.  No one can tell if global warming is real or not because there so much fake data out there.

Then there was an article about Camden, New Jersey.  If America was an animal, Camden would be the place nearest where the excretory system eliminates its waste, metaphorically.  The murder rate there is something akin to El Salvador.  A few years ago, the police department was so corrupt that the city fired ALL the cops.  All of them.  It kept the Chief of Police, though, and they told him to hire and train a new force.  The new cops are trained to not shoot people.  If there’s a knife-wielding thug in the Chicken Shack, their job is to just walk around and talk to him until he gets bored and gives up.  Maybe that’s better.  Maybe that’s worse.  You can’t tell because the story is so bound up over politics, pensions, poverty, and propaganda that the real issues never get touched.

A pro-teacher education meme made its way on to my Facebook yesterday.  It supposedly proved that teachers get paid less for more hours worked and that they deserve a pay raise.  I don’t care how you twist the numbers–I was a teacher.  I loved teaching.  Getting two months off with pay is way better than working as a manager of a high profile tech firm and getting 15 PTO days, which includes sick days and vacation.  Let’s not count that teachers get spring break, fall break, winter break, Thanksgiving, and snow days.  There was one teacher in a school where I taught who had so many sick days banked up that she took two or three sick days every week for an entire school year!  So don’t try to “shine me on” and tell me that poor teachers work more hours.

There was a court decision in Sweden or somewhere lately that involved a whole bunch of women being gang-raped by Muslim “refugees.”  The victims did not receive any justice and the men got off scott-free because, “It’s their culture.”  We can’t punish them for their culture!

There are many videos on YouTube documenting investigations into corruption in the Vatican.  Pope Benedict tried to clean up the corruption and he ended up resigning.  The corrupt priests and Cardinals won the day.  The pedophiles and the power-seekers were too entrenched.  Benedict was forced out and was replaced by a Jesuit with communist leanings who says there is no such thing as Islamic extremist terrorism.

When you look at the media, there’s all this Trump-Russia stuff.  All of that is made up.  The globalists control the media.  They have been careful to get control of the pipeline of information.  Two decades ago, the Internet was like the Wild West.  It was complete freedom of speech and every voice was judged on its merits.  Now aggregators like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit became the watering holes where the wildebeests come to be fed on by the crocodiles.  News is suppressed, made up, and the truth just gets obscured in the barrage.

The current stories about Trump being under surveillance is a great example.  It’s not even the fact that different news outlets contradict each other.  No, in one story by one reporter, there will be a pure kernel of truth, like the statement of an official in the Obama Administration who said they created an index of surveillance documents to use against Trump after they were out of office.  That pure admission admits knowledge of criminal wrongdoing, yet the article is written to bury this fact with denials from sources that don’t have this direct information.

In another article stating that Nunes, of the Intelligence Committee, has no evidence that there had been surveillance, it admits that there was indeed surveillance.  They will give you the truth and then lie to you about it.  It is like 1984, where they’re trying to tell you how many lights there are, when you can plainly see for yourself.

Down to the level of your friends and neighbors, everyone has chosen a side and the facts be damned.  You can show your neighbor or Facebook friend a mountain of evidence and he won’t be convinced.  He’ll call your sources “fake news.” Truth really doesn’t matter to him.  It’s about having the feeling that he is right.  To admit that he may be mistaken is unacceptable.  Facts no longer matter. Being on the right side does.

It has always been this way in the world of religion.  As a Mormon missionary, I convinced many people that I was teaching pure gospel truth, and yet they would not change their religious affiliation.  Why?  There was too much to lose.  They might get disapproval from family, or ridiculed by co-workers, or their colleagues at the university might think of them unfavorably.  It might impact their political views on Israel or some other matter.  It might mean that they wasted a lot of money going to a theological seminary to become educated in religion, only to admit that a religion that came from an unschooled farm boy and presented by unlearned 19 year-olds was where truth is to be found.

I met a man who was a Roman Catholic priest in France.  (We called him Dracula, because he dressed in black and had that widow’s peak like Bela Lugosi.)  He had been convinced that Mormonism was true years before by some Mormon missionaries.  He occasionally invited missionaries to hear his homilies.  He would often quote from the Book of Mormon or the Doctrine and Covenants in his sermons.  In one of them, he taught the doctrine of baptism for the dead–to a congregation of Catholics.  When asked why he never was baptized, he said simply, “I have too much to lose.”  He was comfortable and respected in his milieu.  The truth didn’t matter, ultimately.

It’s for this reason, a global rejection of truth on almost every level, that the world is heading to a really bad place right now.  The sad part is that, we are technically poised for something akin to the next Industrial Revolution.  A technical revolution is afoot on many levels that could transform the world in to “Star Trek,” with flying cars, space missions to other stars, human settlement of the solar system, extension of life and cures for myriad diseases.  It’s very much like the story of Babel’s Tower.  In our case, the Lord doesn’t need to confound the languages of the people.  We are confounding truth by making truth whatever we want it to be.  The end result will be profound disaster.

The Mosiah Hancock Prophecy

There is a valuable document in LDS historical records, known as the Mosiah Hancock Autobiography.  It gives valuable insights into early LDS history and in particular, a testimony of Joseph Smith as a prophet of God.  In its pages, there is a remarkable prophecy which may be on the verge of fulfillment.  At least, a headline today brought this prophecy immediately to mind.

Mosiah Hancock was a boy during the Nauvoo period of Church history.  He probably was around 12 years old when he heard a prophecy fall from the lips of Joseph Smith when the Prophet was visiting the blacksmith shop owned by Mosiah’s father.  Mosiah recounted:

The next day the Prophet came to our home and stopped in our carpenter shop and stood by the turning lathe. I went and got my map for him. “Now”, he said, “I will show you the travels of this people”. He then showed our travels through Iowa, and said, “Here you will make a place for the winter; and here you will travel west until you come to the valley of the Great Salt Lake! You will build cities to the North and to the South, and to the East and to the West; and you will become a great and wealthy people in that land. But, the United States will not receive you with the laws which God desires you to live, and you will have to go to where the Nephites lost their power. They worked in the United Order for 166 years, and the Saints have got to become proficient in the laws of God before they can meet the Lord Jesus Christ, or even the city of Enoch”. He said we will not travel the shape of the horse shoe for there we will await the action of the government. Placing his finger on the map, I should think about where Snowflake, Arizona is situated, or it could have been Mexico, he said, “The government will not receive you with the laws that God designed you to live, and those who are desirous to live the laws of God will have to go South. You will live to see men arise in power in the Church who will seek to put down your friends and the friends of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Many will be hoisted because of their money and the worldly learning which they seem to be in possession of; and many who are the true followers of our Lord and Savior will be cast down because of their poverty. There will be two great political parties in this country. One will be called the Republican, and the other the Democrat party. These two parties will go to war and out of these two parties will spring another party which will be the Independent American Party. The United States will spend her strength and means warring in foreign lands until other nations will say, “Let’s divide up the lands of the United States”, then the people of the U. S. will unite and swear by the blood of their fore-fathers, that the land shall not be divided. Then the country will go to war, and they will fight until one half of the U. S. army will give up, and the rest will continue to struggle. They will keep on until they are very ragged and discouraged, and almost ready to give up–when the boys from the mountains will rush forth in time to save the American Army from defeat and ruin. And they will say, ‘Brethren, we are glad you have come; give us men, henceforth, who can talk with God’. Then you will have friends, but you will save the country when it’s liberty hangs by a hair, as it were”.

The first part of the prophecy, regarding the way the Saints went west was fulfilled.  The persecution of the saints over polygamy was also fulfilled.  The current political parties did not exist in Joseph’s day.  There were Democrat-Republicans and Whigs among other smaller parties.  Joseph’s prophecy about the formation of the two parties of today has been fulfilled.  The Independent American Party formed in the mid-1990s.  That has been fulfilled.

Now, the next part seems to be at our doorstep.  The two parties are about to go to war.  There is a divide between them that cannot be reconciled.  The current polarization is only “peaceful” because the right has not begun to fight back against the violent leftists.

We have wasted our strength warring in foreign lands.  We’ve been continually at war for 16 years!  It’s a war that Dick Cheney once said may never end in our lifetimes.  It’s the “Forever War” against terrorism. Now, today’s headline makes the next part of the prophecy resonate in my mind.

Screenshot from 2017-03-30 15-54-38

The leader of the “other nations” are saying “Let’s divide up the land of the United States.”  This momentous.

The rest of the prophecy speaks of war and a time when the latter-day saints will act in a capacity that helps our military save the land from being conquered by the outsiders.

Are you ready for such a time?  It is coming as sure as the other parts of this prophecy have come to pass already.

When the land is bound with iron

barbed wire1The Prophet Joseph Smith uttered many prophecies, great and small.  Some were “small” prophecies given to individuals, like “You will live to serve a mission to Wales,” as he told one Elder.  Others were great, momentous events, like the prophecies on war recorded in Section 87.  Many of his prophecies were fulfilled, others remain to be fulfilled.

One of the more cryptic ones said, “when you see this land bound with iron you may look toward Jackson County.”  The reference to Jackson County is an important one to Mormons.  It is the revealed place for the City of Zion.  Mormon believe that the New Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible is a real place.  It will be established in Jackson County, Missouri, not far from the courthouse in the existing city of Independence.  Prior to its being built, the land will have been swept clean of inhabitants and there won’t be so much as a “yellow dog” to wag his tail there.

The prophecy was given in Nauvoo, Illinois before the Prophet’s murder.  The terms are intentionally ambiguous.  Is the land in question, Nauvoo?  The state of Illinois?  America?  What does it mean to be “bound with iron?”  Does it mean iron defenses, weaponry, railroads? It it literal or metaphorical?  No one knows.

The reason I mention this is that Joseph is also reputed to have said that the next civil war will erupt starting in Chicago and that the catalyst of the conflict will be a failure of currency.  This prophecy is not considered authoritative.  It is in the same light as the infamous “White Horse Prophecy.”  It was recorded by a member of the Church, but not published for many years.  It was not given to the Church as a whole.  Nevertheless, many parts of the White Horse Prophecy seem to be unfolding as predicted.

In Joseph’s own writings, which are part of the Church’s history, he does predict dire times ahead.  He and many of the early brethren saw the demise of the United States.  They saw civil unrest, rioting, and civil war.  These wars would disrupt the economy and trade, affecting not only our country, but the whole world.  The time will come, according to these prophecies, when there will no longer be the protections of a central government of any kind.  Those who will not shed the blood of their fellow Americans will have to flee to Zion for safety and refuge.

Now, with that lengthy exposition, let me get to my premise.  As I participate in and observe discussions on Facebook and other Internet sites about the Trump Administration, one thing is clear.  There is a hardened division between the partisans.  The left thinks Donald Trump and his supporters are evil.  The right thinks Hillary, the Democrats, the Establishment GOP, and the various globalist banking and moneyed types are evil.  In short, there’s no compromising with them anymore.

Our whole system of government was built on the ability of the people to compromise.  As in the War Between the States, there were points on which no compromise could be made.  The slaves had to be free.  They couldn’t be partially free.  The nation could not be partially free and partially in bondage.  The South’s economy was built upon a system that was not only immoral, it was one that would fail outright because it relied on expanding slavery indefinitely to achieve growth.  The lack of compromise resulted in bloodshed.

That’s where we are heading now.  I see unbelievable comments from people I consider friends now.  They probably are shocked at my opinions.  There are good latter-day saints who think Trump is devilish.  There are saints who see Trump as the last hope of restoring America and rescuing it from the secret combinations mentioned in our scriptures.  If the saints, who have the Spirit of God to guide them are so divided, it is no wonder the world is.

Repeatedly since the election, I have seen news reports of leftist protesters starting up violence at Trump rallies and events.  They have attacked individual Trump supporters and beaten them down for wearing a Make-America-Great-Again hat.  You don’t see that on the right.  They are calling for more violence.  They are stirring up blacks in the cities and bringing in dangerous terrorists into our communities.  The media will not publish anything good that Trump does and fabricates lies about him.  News sources that publish the good and expose the evil that the globalists do are called “Fake News.”

Meanwhile, the division means that a church friend just a few rows away from me in the chapel thinks I’m deceived, duped, and dangerous.  We don’t argue about politics, but I see his posts on Facebook and he sees mine.

The day is coming when those who are willing to resort to violence (the left) must be met with strength.  When that happens, the next civil war begins.  Friendships and families will be shattered, just as in the first civil war.  Neighbors will be against neighbors and saints against saints.

The scriptures tell us that those who resort to violence will be destroyed by violence (See Revelation 13:10).  Will latter-day saints be willing to stand idly when we will be arrested, detained, or interned?  Will leftist latter-day saints feel justified in seeing their right-wing brethren become the targets of the violence that comes from their side?  The right is not the aggressor in this fight, yet the time may come when it is necessary to fight back.  Will we conservative-constitutionalists fight against our left-wing brethren in the Church?

No good can come of this.  Although we may feel strongly about our views, we must not turn to violence.  We have to find unity in Christ and flee to Zion together.  Those who will remain in the world to fight will not find deliverance.  We need to declare ourselves pacifists and prepare ourselves for the gathering.  If we are at war among ourselves, how can Zion ever be established before the land is bound with iron?