Holding on through the flood

flood rescueI have read about people who survived rising floodwaters by hanging onto a tree limb or some other object to keep from getting swept away.  They describe the desperate struggle for life as the torrents of water roiled around them.  The power of the water was overwhelming. When the moment came upon them, they didn’t have time to prepare or look for other options.  All they could do was hang on to whatever was at hand.

For the past several years, there has been a rising tide of lies, politically, socially, economically, and for most people, spiritually.  It is hard to say how far back it goes. Satan, the Father of Lies, goes back to the beginning.  There have always been dishonest people and dishonest rulers.  However, the modern world has resources to obscure truth and to promulgate lies unlike any other time in history.  The omnipresent media and Internet reach into our lives and shape reality for those who don’t question it. It’s very much like The Matrix.  An illusion is broadcast to us incessantly.  This is what the broadcast tells us:

  • You are all alone.
  • There is no God, angels, or miracles to help you.
  • Everything in life is finite, limited by time and money.
  • The only way you can be happy is for the government to take away someone else’s stuff and redistribute it to  you.

Meanwhile, if you get quiet in your spirit, and stay that way for awhile, another broadcast comes in. It is a still, small voice whose signal is oh, so quiet!  You can just barely hear it, but it’s there.  You just have to clear out some of life’s static.

That voice broadcasts the following messages:

  • You are not alone.
  • God, angels, and miracles are real.
  • The universe is infinite and its resources are available to you.
  • The way to happiness is for you to accept this message and access God’s universe through faith.

Depending on the messages you choose to accept, your reality changes.  The first message takes away your divinely-given power.  The second empowers you.

The first broadcast provides justification for lying, cheating, stealing, murder, conspiracy, sedition, and revolution.  It tells you that the ends justify the means. It inspires the doctrine of Korihor, from the Book of Mormon–that a man prospers according to his genius and that there is no sin for which he must account.

The second broadcast tells you that you are accountable to God for every action. Your life has meaning and purpose and that it is connected to the eternity that was before and the eternity that follows.

I reflected on these things as I listened to an old Glenn Beck program episode where he exposed the fiction that were told about Barack Obama.  One by one, Beck showed that Obama had lied repeatedly about his life story.  It was a fairy tale to sucker people to believe he was something that he was not.  It wasn’t just one or two lies.  It was everything.  None of us were told the truth about him and, even when the truth emerged, the media buried it.  He lied about where he was born. He lied about how his father met his mother. He lied about them meeting at the march in Selma (which happened when he was already five years old).  He lied about his political connections. He lied about his college experiences. He lied about his connections to communists, radicals, and terrorists. He lied about the messages he heard in Jeremiah Wright’s church.

Of course, that’s all history now because his presidency is all in the past.  Now the Establishment media that sold us Obama’s lies are manufacturing new ones to destroy the current president.  For over a year–because it started before he was even elected–the media tried to link Trump with the Russians.  Now that this narrative has fallen apart, they are going to tell you Trump is crazy.  They are planning to use Establishment republicans as well as democrats to try to oust Trump using the 25th Amendment.  If that fails, they’ll have another strategy to take him out.  Maybe they’ll (God forbid!) just attempt to kill the man, as Johnny Depp and other leftists have suggested.

But that’s just politics.  You’re not being told the truth about anything.  Human-caused global warming is a lie.  Some really rich, old, white dudes have already figured out to tax your food, water, labor, and property.  Now they’ve figured out away to tax the air you breathe.  Science lies to you about dinosaurs and evolution.  They won’t tell you about evidence that supports the story of the Great Flood, even though every ancient culture has a “myth” about it. They won’t tell you about finding artifacts of advanced civilizations that were here 200,000 years ago or about human footprints in the same layers of sediment with dinosaur footprints.

Anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians lie to you as they either make up stuff or ignore facts that don’t fit into a narrative.  They explain away how an ancient 80-ton stone with the ten commandments written in proto-Hebrew on it is in New Mexico.  The Smithsonian hid away a stone that they said had Cherokee writing on it, but when the stone was turned upside down, it said “Holiness to the Lord” in a primitive form of Aramaic. And you can’t find an American history textbook at any level, from elementary school to college that gets the story of the Latter-day saints right.

Journalists lie to you constantly.  At one time, editors used to steer their papers somewhat to the right because they knew all their journalists were liberal democrats.  Now, they don’t do that.  Now they are the president’s opposition. Not only do they omit reporting facts, they are now fabricating stories out of whole cloth.

Political parties lie to you.  Throughout history, there has always been an elite class that has feared the People.  Even our founders, Madison, Hamilton, and others believed that pure democracy was dangerous unless the elite class maintains control over the masses.

The world wars were not fought for the glorious causes we thought.  You have to look at what they achieved.  World War I destroyed the monarchies of Europe and broke up the Ottoman Empire. The elites hoped to establish a world government, but they could not convince Americans to surrender sovereignty to the League of Nations.

World War II was the elites’ second attempt.  This time, they got the United Nations out of the deal. In the aftermath of the war, the elites organized three economic hubs around which the new world order would consolidate, in Germany, Japan, and America.  Those hubs were controlled by international bankers who seek to establish a transnational government.

Coming into the 21st century, there were only a few nations left that were not under control of these international bankers.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.  Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya have already been absorbed into the international monetary system.  (And you thought the “Arab Spring” was about democracy?)  Cuba is about to come in shortly. Iran and North Korea will be dealt with soon.

Big Pharma and Big Medicine don’t tell you the truth.  In the 1940s, they said smoking was good for asthma.  With our youngest child, you were never supposed to let a baby sleep on his back.  Then it was, never let a baby sleep face down.  Then it was never sleep with your baby in your bed.  Now they call it co-sleeping and it’s supposed to be good for your baby.  Every couple of years, something new is bad for you.  When I was a kid, it was a sweetener called cyclamates.  My mom wouldn’t buy Kool-Aid anymore because it had the cancer-causing sweetener in it.  Then it was sodium.  Then it was fats.  Then grilled foods caused colon cancer. Then it was meat.  Then it was gluten.  It’s always something.  People say that Big Pharma is covering up cancer cures because treating cancer with chemotherapy is very profitable.

I’m not going in order, just as I think of things in this stream-of-consciousness.  Environmentalists lie to you.  There was DDT–a very effective pesticide that was banned because it was linked to declining eagle populations in North America.  The whole world banned DDT, which resulted in vast malaria outbreaks in Africa.  We let millions of children die instead of some eagles.  Environmentalists told us that your aerosol deodorant spray was depleting ozone in the polar regions and that the earth was going to burn up and that everyone would get skin cancer because of it.  None of our grandchildren would ever be able to go outside to play and that humans would have to live underground.  Then additional measurements revealed that it was a cyclical event and that the ozone replenishes after a time.  Because of the laws passed in a panic, certain refrigerants were banned, causing the replacement of it in your home and car to be ten times more expensive, using a chemical that is actually corrosive to your A/C systems.

Of course, President Obama told Africans that people just shouldn’t have cars, use air conditioners, or crank the heat up in their homes to 72 degrees.  Never mind that his aides said he kept the White House warm enough to grow orchids in it.  The rules don’t apply to the elites.

Economically, black people ought to be furious–not over Donald Trump–but at the first George Bush and Bill Clinton.  Bush ran a covert war out of El Salvador and Columbia that started while Reagan was president.  They were trying to overthrow a Marxist government in Nicaragua. They ran guns down to the Contras using CIA-contract planes and pilots. Those planes didn’t have to come back through US Customs, so the shady operators loaded them up with cocaine and flew it into the country.  One of the places these flights entered was a small, obscure airport in Mena, Arkansas.  Some state troopers alleged that they used to meet those planes at the airport and take envelopes full of money to then Governor Bill Clinton.  The cocaine hit the streets in Oakland and other predominantly black urban areas.

When that same Bill Clinton became President, he ran against Bush and Ross Perot.  Remember, Ross Perot, a business executive warned of the “giant sucking sound” that would be caused if Clinton got the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) ratified.  All the jobs would go south to Mexico.  Well, Clinton got elected with only 43 percent because Perot divided the conservative vote.  NAFTA passed and the jobs went south.  American business needed a way to compete against workers in countries that paid 25 cents an hour.  Well Billy Clinton had a plan.

First, Bill promised to get tough on crime and push through tougher penalties for violent drug offenders.  Conservatives and globalists among the Democrat party went along with passing mandatory minimum sentencing that took away judges’ discretion in sentencing criminals.  Then they contracted with Wackenhut Security and other private security firms to build lots of modern prisons.  With the new sentencing guidelines and the get-tough-on-crime measures, they filled these prisons up quickly with young blacks who had been arrested for selling the crack cocaine that came in through Mena, Arkansas with the CIA.  Fortunately, the prisons owned by Wackenhut were for-profit enterprises.  They had contracts to use prison labor to make products.  The prisoners who worked in the prison industries got reduced sentences and were paid 25 an hour, by the time their “room and board” were deducted.  The manufacturing companies got to put a “Made in America” tag on the clothes and other goods the prisoners made.  By the end of Clinton’s terms, America had the largest incarcerated population of any nation–including China and North Korea!  How ironic that Clinton would later lament that the US had more black young men in prisons than in colleges!

During Hillary’s run for the presidency, some black leaders tried to make hay with this information, but the press shut them down–fast.  One of the reasons she lost is because black people could not bring themselves to vote for her.  But no, the media tells you she lost because the Russians hacked the election for Trump.

The brainwashed college students who protest against Trump call him a Nazi, but the organizations that pay them to protest are funded by George Soros–who really was a Nazi collaborator during WWII.

Meanwhile, you’ve got good Christian people attending churches where their pastors hand out anti-Mormon pamphlets and their youth ministries show the anti-Mormon film “The Godmakers” to their youth groups to “inoculate” them from positive contacts and impressions they get from their LDS friends. In many predominantly Catholic countries, LDS missionaries are persecuted and harrassed.  Meanwhile, today’s headlines talk about police busting up a homosexual orgy of Catholic priests that took place at the home of one of the Pope’s advisors.  (See http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/vatican-police-break-up-gay-10743972).  Among Protestant churches, the World Council of Churches has funded leftist insurgencies in Africa.  Money from your collection plate has been used to support communist movements on that continent.  Yet it is these churches that have spent the past near-two centuries telling their followers that Mormons are not Christians.

I could go on and on, and this is already way too long.  You are in the floodwaters right now.  If you are a person who just wants the truth, you had better find it quick and hang onto it with all your might.  If you are hanging onto a dead tree, the branches are going to break and it may come up by the roots.  If you are hanging on to a piece of driftwood or debris, you’re getting carried farther downstream.  The gospel of Christ is the only sure thing and you are not dependent upon any man to tell you it is true.  God can do that himself.  Ask him to show you and be open to the answer that comes.  Then hang on for dear life and don’t let go.  The floodwaters of lies are rising and they have not yet reached their crest.  Hang on.

Exploiting children for political gain

Gays protesting the Church after 2008 Prop 8 vote

This past week, my Google alerts kept bringing me notices of articles about a 12-year old girl named Savannah who “came out” in a church testimony meeting.  During her “testimony”–I put this in quotation marks because it really wasn’t a testimony, but rather a manifesto–her bishop had the microphone volume turned down, cutting her off.  He followed her with an uncomfortable, nervous statement that was without poise or coherence.  Someone, presumably a family member, recorded the incident on his or her phone and published it to the Internet.  The video went viral and soon, Savannah was enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.

Writing about homosexuality is always a difficult task.  I have a family member who is gay, whom we all love and respect.  This person is not a member of the Church either and that doesn’t affect our affections.  Family is family.  The reader may accuse me of homophobia, but that doesn’t matter to me either.  Basically, my position is that of the Church.  All human beings are children of God and they deserve our care and respect.  Nevertheless, God has given commandments that he expects us to obey for our protection and happiness.  When anyone violates commandments, eventually unhappiness will be the result.  Among those commandments are various moral precepts regarding sexual behavior and marriage.  Mormons recognize the need for an organized, authoritative religion because our theology includes the necessity of making covenants and receiving ordinances.

The ordinances of the gospel, such as baptism are means by which we can obtain grace.  To administer ordinances, one must have authority from God.  Without that authority, which we refer to as priesthood, the ordinances are not valid.  The saving benefit is not dispensed.  To receive those ordinances, one must be in a repentant state.  This does not mean that a person is perfect; we are all sinful in the light of God’s perfection.  A repentant person is humble, and seeks to obey God.  His or her efforts are directed toward complying with God’s commandments.  An unrepentant person declares, either by word or deed, that he or she has no need to comply.  An unrepentant attitude disqualifies one from receiving ordinances and grace from God.

The fundamental principle here is humility.  Since none of us can perfectly obey God’s law all the time, we are of necessity in need of humility.  We seek forgiveness from God.  We plead for his mercy.  We fall down and we get up again, repeatedly throughout our lives.  It is what Paul called working out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12).  Jesus told a parable about a publican and a Pharisee in Luke chapter 18.  The Pharisee considered himself to be “perfect” the way he was and boasted of it.  The publican wouldn’t so much as lift his eyes heavenward, but knelt humbly and implored, “God be merciful to me a sinner” (Luke 18:13).  Jesus said the publican went away “justified” rather than the Pharisee.

When we regard the video of this girl’s “testimony,” is that attitude manifest?  Not at all.  Her demeanor is that of the Pharisee.  It is boastful and proud.  She is self-justifying.  She doesn’t manifest any acknowledgment of need for grace or mercy.  The Spirit of the Lord is absent from her remarks.

Now, let’s first consider some other aspects of this incident that also speak to motive and intent.  The “testimony” was written.  It was not spontaneous.  It is apparent she is reading it aloud.  It was pre-planned.  A testimony is a heartfelt, spontaneous declaration of faith in God, in Jesus Christ, and of the veracity of the Church.  Did you hear anything to that effect in her remarks?  Not at all.  It wasn’t a testimony.  It was a personal manifesto.

Second, let us consider the fact that the testimony was videoed.  Church policy is that meetings and ordinances are not to be recorded.  This isn’t because we don’t want publicity or because we have anything to hide.  The act of videoing a meeting or an ordinance can be disruptive and can limit the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord.  Several times in the Bible, Jesus healed people and told them to not reveal that he was the one who healed them.  When Peter first confessed that he knew Jesus to be the Messiah, early in Jesus’ ministry, Jesus told him to not tell anyone–at least not yet.  It was not the right time.  Jesus sought to avoid undue publicity because it limited his ability to act .  In some places, the renown that came from people broadcasting the news of miracles, that he couldn’t minister effectively because of the crowds.  It is in harmony with the spirit of Jesus’ ministry when he told his disciples not to blab about the miracles they saw.  Go to scriptures.lds.org and search the term “tell no man” and you’ll get a list of several of these instances.

When I was a young man, I was excited when the day came for me to be ordained an elder in the Melchizedek priesthood.  I was the last of several men to be ordained at a stake conference.  Right before me, there was the son of a counselor in the stake presidency.  The young man’s father ordained him and the mother held a tape recorder close by to record the ordination and blessing.  The blessing part of the ordination is supposed to be received by inspiration.  I’m not saying his blessing wasn’t inspired, but I felt like the tape recorder constrained the dad somewhat.  After they departed, it was just me, the stake president, my mother, and my best friend.  The blessing I was given after the ordination was a total outpouring of the Spirit.  I was given very specific personal prophecy as to my life and mission on earth.  I don’t think that would have happened if the tape had been rolling.

In my years in Church service, I have had the opportunity to give many blessings and be present or assist with others.  I have witnessed blessings in which the priesthood servant, under divine inspiration, declared that a woman was pregnant (she didn’t know) or made personal prophecies that were later fulfilled.  I saw a bishop heal a boy from incurable encephalitis.  One man gave a blessing to his pregnant wife and declared the gender of the child before they knew from the ultrasound.  That’s the kind of things that happen when the Spirit of the Lord is not constrained.

The girl videotaping her comments shows a wanton disregard for Church policy.  We don’t know who took the video of the moment.  Was it a friend, a sibling, or a parent?  In any case, she had to “conspire” with someone to plan the moment. Again, this was not a spontaneous act, moved by the Spirit.  It was a planned, orchestrated, demonstration that violated Church policy.

Third, the content of the message defied God, the Church, and the leadership of the Church.  By definition, a testimony is:

A testimony is a spiritual witness given by the Holy Ghost. The foundation of a testimony is the knowledge that Heavenly Father lives and loves His children; that Jesus Christ lives, that He is the Son of God, and that He carried out the infinite Atonement; that Joseph Smith is the prophet of God who was called to restore the gospel; that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Savior’s true Church on the earth; and that the Church is led by a living prophet today. With this foundation, a testimony grows to include all principles of the gospel.

The girl’s manifesto contains none of those truths.  It was a political manifesto intended to embarrass the Church of Jesus Christ.  It was an act of defiance.  The bishop had every right to cut off the microphone.

I have served in the Church as a branch president and as a counselor in a bishopric for several years.  A branch president is not ordained to an office like a bishop, but acts under delegated authority and keys from the stake president.  In day-to-day duties, the job is similar to that of a bishop.  Although testimony meeting is generally an edifying meeting for most of the congregation, bishops always approach them with trepidation, because they never know what may be said by the members who come to the “open mic.”

A friend of mine who worked down in Mississippi said that anti-Mormons from other religious sects used to come into testimony meetings and declare contentiously that Joseph Smith was a fraud and that the Church was of the devil.  When I lived in Alaska, some guy came in and started bashing the Church from the pulpit in a testimony meeting.  The bishop asked two brethren to escort the man to the door.  That’s not very edifying.  In one ward where I worshiped, there was an unfortunate brother who suffered from schizophrenia.  Sometimes, if he didn’t take his meds, his delusions would lead him up to the microphone where he would declare “revelations” to the members.  In one case, the bishop stood up and whispered to him to take his seat, which he did, thankfully.  On my mission in France, I saw one member drone on for nearly the entire meeting before the branch president there asked him to take a seat and give others the opportunity to share their testimonies.

Did the bishop make the right call in this meeting?  I can’t say.  He holds the keys for his stewardship.  His job is to protect the flock as a shepherd. If it had been me, I would have probably let her finish and then issue corrective remarks at the meeting’s end.  Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to second-guess the bishop.  It was his call.

This demonstration by the girl and her supporters was intended to harm the Church.  What else could they have hoped to achieve?  Satan uses such people who self-righteously attack believers.  He gives them their fifteen minutes of fame and then he discards them once their usefulness is past.  Consider the names of Sonia Johnson, Helen Radkey, and Kate Kelly.  They made their headlines and faded into obscurity.  If you haven’t heard of them, it makes my point.  It’s sad to see a girl so young headed into the same path.  She appeared onstage at some event by the Human Rights Council where she was applauded as the liberal crown celebrated her and her supportive parents.  The praise of the world is fleeting, but what good is it if you lose the Lord and his Church in the process?

You see, gentle reader, Satan cares nothing for you.  He seeks only to destroy the Church of God and its followers.  If someone is gay and doesn’t feel they can support the Church and its policies, there are plenty of other religions out there.  They are free to choose.  Why attack the Church?  What motivates that act, when it would be simple to leave and find acceptance somewhere else?  The Book of Mormon speaks of “dissenters” who were members of the Church and turned against it.  They always ended up going over to the Lamanites to stir them up against those they once called “brother” and “sister.”

Now that this has gone viral, I wonder if we’ll now have a rash of teens “coming out” just as an attention-getting stunt?  Will our testimony meetings be constantly disrupted by people “coming out?”  Will there be an increase in non-members coming into our testimony meetings to use the opportunity to disrupt?  Will persecution increase?  Who knows!  All I know is that it is a sad state of affairs for a little girl of only 12 years to have her life wrecked by parents and friends who have used her in an attempt to undermine the faith of the saints.

When secret combinations reign

bilderberg-group-pesquisa-google-google-chrome-2015-04-26-17-35-57Every now and again, I have to remind my readers and myself about the purpose of this blog.  Although there is a lot of political content, my goals are not political.  They are spiritual.  My goal is to wake up my fellow latter-day saints and help them see the dangers around them.

Latter-day saints are generally conservatives, politically speaking.  Most of them vote republican.  I can’t account for the ones that vote Democrat.  I think those individuals buy into a false compassion narrative.  They somehow believe that, because liberals and progressives talk about helping the poor and the needy, they actually do something to that effect.  In truth, it can be empirically demonstrated that liberal handout programs have the opposite effects.  The dole enslaves people.  It takes away their agency.

On the other hand, Republican tough love–an insistence on self-reliance–is often underwritten by racism and greed.  When I was a branch president in the Church for several years, there were several undocumented individuals in my congregation.  They were among the most self-reliant people I ever knew.  They came here to America and worked hard in the fields, doing construction, working as mechanics, etc.  They paid their tithing. They did their home teaching and served others. One fellow was here working because his wife in Mexico had a serious, long-term medical condition that required expensive treatments.  Those treatments were not covered by the state-run health care so he worked here and sent money home.  He lived a spartan life in a small apartment he shared with three other men.  One of the things I’m proud of was helping this good brother get his temple endowments.

When I wrote about this fellow once, I came under fire from many Mormon conservatives.  Much of their opposition was hateful and vehement.  The comments and emails I received were not worthy of latter-day saints.  They came across as racist and bigoted against Mexicans.  That’s what happens when political views override our sense of charity and brotherhood.

The polarization of the political parties is artificially created.  When secret combinations rule, they don’t want the scrutiny on themselves.  They get the spotlight off of themselves by having us fight one another, when we really should be fighting them.  How do they do this?  You’re seeing it play out in the headlines every day currently.  The Book of Mormon says that we “…cannot dethrone an iniquitous king save it be through much contention, and the shedding of much blood” (Mosiah 29:21).  Now, before you go jumping off triggered against Trump, he is not the iniquitous king-type.  The passage continues saying that the iniquitous king “…has his friends in iniquity, and he keepeth his guards around him; and he teareth up the laws of those who have reigned in righteousness before him; and he trampleth under his feet the commandments of God” (Mosiah 29:22).

Now leftists will say Trump is doing this by legally dismantling Obamacare and reversing executive orders that defied the will of the people.  The executive orders came about because Obama knew that the people’s House of Representatives would not support his policies.

Obama and Hillary typified the “friends in iniquity” concept.  Obama’s minions were strewn throughout the government and continue to do his bidding even though he is no longer president.  These minions are ideologically loyal to him.  I can’t begin to enumerate them.  The whole Trump-Russia thing is one of their operations.  Hillary’s not being indicted for her illegal server is an example.  Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton right before the election is another. Comey’s various reversals demonstrate a crisis of conscience, wherein his conscience and his ideology are in conflict.  The mysterious death of DNC leaker Seth Rich is a demonstration.  The ouster of Michael Flynn is another.  Court cases against various conservative figures like former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is yet another.

The GOP has “friends in iniquity,” too.  The leaks coming from the White House are coming from these insider-conspirators.  They are not loyal to their country, but to their benefactors.  It is shameful to see Senators like John McCain undermining a president from his own party.  Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, and others represent establishment interests.

The iniquitous king uses compulsion to get people to obey his unjust laws.  Whoever rebels against him, “…he will send his armies against them to war…” (Mosiah 29:29).  In this case, the iniquitous king leads Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the various groups that threaten violence and use actual violence to oppress those who seek righteousness.  Is Trump’s side using troops and armies to quell Antifa or BLM?  No. At least, not yet.

Today’s headlines have included newly exposed background info on the ouster of Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.  It looks like it was a vendetta led by Andrew McCabe (who is now acting FBI director since Comey was fired) against Flynn for his support of a woman who had accused McCabe of sexual discrimination.  It’s payback time from the Establishment!  Trump needs to fire him, too!

The D.C. Swamp is so full of corruption, it probably cannot be fixed.  The American people re-elect the same crooks again and again.  The public isn’t awake or are too distracted with inter-party battles, they can’t see the truth. The Gadianton Robbers control both parties.  If they think that the people will rise up against them (which is actually happening), they will burn the house down.  They will start a civil war.  It has already begun.

What can latter-day saints do?  We are too few in number to make a national difference. The feds have control over the states and communities.  They control your kids’ schools. They control the police departments. Everything that federal money touches, it controls.  It’s too late. We’ve been asleep or unwilling to act too long.

In the Book of Mormon, there was one time when the Nephites were successful at defeating the Gadianton Robbers, the secret combinations of their day.  They fought them physically and defeated them.  They preached the gospel to those who survived the civil war.  Those who made a covenant of peace were allowed to live. They executed those who were too hardened and stubborn to enter the covenant of peace.

All you can do is pray and prepare.  Repent.  Get right with God. Wait for the call to gather.  Share the gospel with others.  The Lord is getting ready to sweep out the corruption, but it’s going to be bad for everyone. There will be hardships like none of us have ever known. Complete reliance on God is how we’ll make it–and obedience like the Old Testament.  That’s what is going to save us.  Hang in there.

You’re going to have to kill them

The French Revolution

Right up front, let me say that I do not advocate violence.  That’s not my purpose here.  I wish to point out the only hope for peace and, if you reject it, fine.  It’s not going to be what you think and if you go another route, you’re going to be caught in a deadly trap that has been laid for you by the adversary of humanity.


The latter-day revelations given to Joseph Smith tell us that a time is coming when peace will be taken from the earth.  Anyone who will be unwilling to kill his neighbor is going to need to flee to a place called Zion for “safety and refuge.”  Here’s the biggest secret in the world today: the Mormons are where God has hidden Zion.

Right now, Zion is a state-of-mind.  It’s a group of people who follow prophets to whom God speaks in our time.  They practice Christ’s teachings and they have received gospel ordinances from legitimate, authorized servants of God.  Outside of that comparatively small group of people (remember, Jesus said there would be few that find it), there are three options:

  1. The first option is to not believe in God or do anything that resembles following religion.
  2. The second option is to believe in God, but adhere to a church or denomination that teaches that God only speaks through the Bible, the Qur’an, or some other sacred text.  To these folks, he cannot, will not, or does not speak today.
  3. The third is to connect yourself to people who say God speaks to them, but who are deceived by false teachers.  This group can include latter-day saints, too.

That’s pretty much it.  Every other path fits into one of these three categories.

Now, you have to begin to realize that we live in a “post-constitutional world” as Americans.  The nation we live in doesn’t follow the Constitution anymore.  It’s almost the same situation in which the Romans found themselves.  Augustus held all the real political power and the Roman senate only held the perks and trappings of power.  In modern-day America, that power doesn’t abide in the Executive; it lies within the Judiciary.  Unelected-for-life judges have power to stop presidential orders and the legislation passed by the people’s representatives.

Conservatives in Congress could battle it our and get the courts under restraint, but the liberals and progressives have shown a willingness to act violently to preserve their hegemony over the levers of power.  Unless conservatives are willing to literally fight Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Code Pink, and a dozen more groups, they will not restore the government to constitutional limitations.  That’s a done deal.  That would lead to a real civil war.

What we call the American Civil War was not a civil war.  It was suppression of a rebellion when one part of the country declared itself independent of the central government.  It’s what we did with England when the Colonies declared themselves independent.  In the Revolution, the Colonies won.  In the War of Succession, the central government won.  In a civil war, factions contend for the control of the central government.  That was not what happened in America.  That’s what is GOING to happen if conservatives try to stand up for constitutional limits.

The French Revolution is the kind of civil war I’m talking about.  It’s where neighbor fights against neighbor.  It involves public executions and beheadings.  It splits families and communities and churches.

The liberals on the left don’t want to do their own fighting.  They have imported millions of illegal immigrants who have no allegiance to the country or constitution, but depend on the handouts from social welfare.  They have imported radical Muslims who want to destroy America and Christianity.  They have radicalized African Americans and fed them hateful propaganda.  The liberals have cultivated resentment and disregard for decency.  They have undermined churches that taught reconciliation and peace.  They hardened the hearts and consciences of their minions with envy, malice, strife, and disregard for the sanctity of life.  They have no moral boundary that tells them lying, cheating, stealing, and killing are wrong.  You on the right–you’re going to have to kill them before you can fix America.

The problem is that the fix will be fatal.

Once you conservatives have come to that point, your own hearts will be so hardened with self-righteous zeal, you will no longer be able to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd you claim to serve.  You will feel the fiery zeal to administer judgment and punishment to those who defy the good you sought to establish.  At that point, you will have crossed the line and there’s no turning back from it.  You can’t stop fighting until you destroy the wicked.  They won’t stop fighting back because they are wicked.  The result?  Both sides become wicked and evil, fighting in an endless cycle of retribution and recriminations.  You won’t be able to turn it off.

The only godly people will be those who won’t fight.  Because the Lord won’t suffer that all of them will be destroyed, he will gather them to a place of refuge.  They will be protected by divine power.  They will be few in number. They will have fled to the safety and refuge because they listened to real prophets, not the false ones.

There are false prophets among the latter-day saints, too.  There are people who are predicting all sorts of things from their “dreams” and “visions.”  They have their web sites and sell their books.  They tell you that the General Authorities of the Church aren’t telling you what they know, so the Spirit is speaking to them to get the word out.  The people who will follow them will end up in a bad way unless they change course.  Those latter-day saints who will succumb to the temptation to “fight for the Constitution” will end up outside of Zion when the time comes.  Those latter-day saints who stay to fight for “social justice” will end up on the outside, too.  They will end up fighting and killing one another.  Those who refuse to take up arms against their neighbors–that’s who gets into Zion.

If you’re a Mormon “prepper” with your guns and ammo, ready to rumble, you’re going to miss the call.  If you’re a Mormon liberal who wants to see women getting the priesthood and gays getting married in the temples, you’re going to miss the call, too.  Both sides are already straying away from the central truth: God speaks to the president of the Church.

I’ve heard those rumblings among the far-right LDS factions.  They say the Prophet is old and senile.  They say that the Church has been infiltrated by the “Illuminati.”  They criticized the announcements of Church policy regarding illegal immigration, Syrian migrants, and other topics. They say those statements are not from the leaders of the Church–that some internal faction has taken over.  Some of them say that the Church Joseph founded is no more and that only a corporate entity remains.  Wrong.

On the far left, I see Facebook posts and “likes” from ward members who support statements by groups encouraging ordination of women and tolerance of homosexual marriage.  They’re doing the same thing as the far-right, so far as the Church is concerned.  They claim the Church will change its attitudes once the current generation of geriatric men no longer run the show.  Wrong.

Neither of these factions believes in following God’s prophet.  In that regard, they’re no different from the Protestants, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostals who believe in Christ but disregard his living servants.  Their fate will be the same.

Four years before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, the historian Josephus tells us that revelation was given to “approved men” who evacuated the Christians from the city.  They quietly moved those who believed in, and sustained by their actions, the men whom God had placed to preside over the Church.  They moved to a place called Pella.  It was the place Jesus had alluded to when he looked over the city and prophesied its destruction.

Past revelation, contained in scripture didn’t save them.  Only listening to and acting upon the words of living oracles of God saved them.  There were false prophetic movements who confronted the Romans and they failed, perishing in the act.  The “social justice warriors” who fought the Romans didn’t win.  Neither did the conservative scribes and Pharisees.

That is the pattern that will repeat in the future.  That future is no longer distant.  It is knocking at our doors.  America is broken and the fix will destroy it.  The hour of judgment is coming and, when the smoke clears, it will be peaceful latter-day saints and their neighbors, who trusted in the words of living prophets to gather together, who will rebuild it.  Zion will then move from a state-of-mind to an actual, physical place, which is also known as the New Jerusalem.  Prepare now to resist the temptation to fight.  Prepare to be peaceful.  Prepare to gather.  Prepare to listen to the words that will come from the living prophet of our day.

In science we trust?

frankensteinThe recent Earth Day marches for “science” has had me on a science vs. religion train of thought.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I like science.  It was one of my favorite subjects in school.  I have been an amateur astronomer in the past.  I love studying and learning about nature.  I draw the line at letting science supplant God as the center of my faith.

True science and true religion are one.  However, science takes time to reveal truth and God takes his time revealing it. We don’t have all the data we’d like to have.  We walk by faith.

Science exercise faith.  There was an article a few years back where a scientist predicted we would definitely find life in the universe in the next 20 years.  That’s a statement of faith.  Faith is a belief backed by actions.  We spent a lot of money exploring space, looking for life.  We have scientists dedicating years of their time looking for signs of life elsewhere–even though we currently have no evidence that life exists elsewhere.  We hope there is life out there.  We expect to find life out there.  The only life we know of is here.  What evidence pushes us onward to the tune of spending millions of dollars?  None.  Looking for extraterrestrial life is an act of faith.

I like the idea of scientists admitting they act on faith and then including God in their efforts.  Faith in God holds them accountable to something greater than the people who fund them.  It promotes honesty and integrity.  A scientist who doesn’t have faith in God will often sell his soul to the highest bidder.  It’s like those “scientists” for years who told us that smoking tobacco was harmless.  I collect old World War II recordings.  The commercials in these shows were embedded into the program scripts in many cases.  In one of them, Bing Crosby does a commercial for Chesterfield cigarettes that says they make your breath fresh and that they’re healthy for you.  Seriously!  You can buy anything in this world for money, including  scientists.

There was an article today in the San Diego Union-Tribune stating that higher sodium intake is associated with LOWER blood pressure.  For years now, we have been told the opposite.  Lots of people have high blood pressure and lots of them live on sodium-restricted diets.  Both of these opposing conclusions were arrived at by scientists.

For years, cholesterol was the bad guy.  Now it’s less of an issue.  Then today, there’s an article in the UK’s Express that reports there is “no association between saturated fat and heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or death.”  It’s from one extreme to the other.

There were diets that told us to cut carbohydrates.  Then studies showed that low-carb diets were dangerous, especially for children.  I could go on an on with the “science” that supported various diet fads” HCG Diet, Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, Master Cleanse, South Beach Diet, etc.

Meanwhile, latter day saints have observed a principle called the “Word of Wisdom” for nearly two centuries.  This is a health regimen that was given by revelation to a prophet of God.  It cautions against using alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea.  It promotes eating meat sparingly, eating whole grains, and fruit.  It promotes an attitude of moderation in all things.  Not surprisingly, Mormons have often been used as a control group in medical studies.  Just find any academic database of medical studies and type in “latter-day saint” or “Mormon” and you’ll find studies that do this.  Why scientists like Mormons as a control group?  Overall, there is a uniform healthiness among us and a general conformity to standards of behavior that are informed by our beliefs.  Mormons are healthier, live longer, have more children, and are active well into their latter years compared to other populations.  We’re a baseline on what life well-lived could be like.

Our health code comes from our religion, not from science.

Again, I’m not discouraging science.  Science is important, but scientists are unwise if they represent their system as the only valid way to arrive at truth.  Scientists change their minds.  They are affected by fads and funding.

The scientific experts of Ignaz Semmelweis’ time drummed him out of the medical profession because he advocated washing hands before examining patients.  Doctors in his day used to carve up cadavers to teach students anatomy and then go examine live patients without washing up in between.  Patients died of infection.  Semmelweis noted that mothers who gave birth assisted by midwives had lower rates of infection and lower infant mortality compared to doctors.  The difference, the midwives never touched cadavers.  Semmelweis postulated that some unseen particles were being transferred from cadavers to live patients by the doctors.  Semmelweis was drummed out of the medical profession, even though he showed that handwashing with a chlorine solution reduced infection rates.  Why was he rejected by the medical profession?  He dared to blame the doctors for the cause of infection.

Nikolai Tesla had ideas about using “free energy.”  He had tested ways of transmitting electrical current through the earth and making it available to everyone.  Because his method could not be metered (and thus no company could regulate its distribution and profit from it), corporatists went with Edison’s concepts.  When Tesla died, the government seized his work and locked it away.  In this case, the most beneficial science was stonewalled in favor of the science that could be used to generate more wealth for the tycoons who controlled the emerging energy sector.

Globalists today are using “climate change” to drive legislation that will literally tax the air you breathe (actually, only the part you exhale).  We know that leading scientists in the global warming research faked data.  Emails were leaked from East Anglia University scientists in Britain, showing that data that didn’t fit the models was intentionally suppressed.  Al Gore’s data has been shown to be wrong.  We have evidence of global warming taking place on other planets where we have spacecraft monitoring temperatures.  We have data that shows a cooling trend for the past decade, not warming.  However, the politics of control and profit are more powerful that most scientists’ integrity.

This would change if scientists believe that there’s a God in heaven who will judge them for their works.  The notion of hellfire, even metaphorical, is a strong incentive to be honest and tell the truth.  Knowing that an all-seeing God will judge each of us should make us tremble deep down inside.  We can’t hide anything from him.  He rewards honesty.  He forgives sin if we repent. He sends the unrepentant into hell until they repent.

Scientific data doesn’t just evolve naturally.  It often swings from one extreme to the other, like the medical findings mentioned above.  Pride, ego, and personality comes into play.  The debate over whether Pluto is a planet comes down to two rival scientists who are locked in a personal battle against each other.  I wrote about this in my blog post, “Truth, Science, and Human Nature.”  It’s worth a read.  How many other scientific debates are driven by ego, pride, money, or desire for renown?

Last year, a leaked NASA paper showed that scientists are stymied by a new form of rocket propulsion called the EM drive.  Despite clear evidence that the engine does what its inventor claims, scientists are resistant to it.  Why? Because it defies the laws of physics as we understand them today.  Rather than admit that our understanding of physics is demonstrably wrong (because the engine works!), scientists won’t admit that it works until they can rewrite the physics behind it.  With this engine, we could build a spaceship that could get to Mars in two weeks, instead of the months it takes to get there now.  Like Tesla, the inventor is not going to make any progress until a wealthy corporate benefactor finds a way to profit from owning or controlling it.

The guy who invented the Segway transport, Dean Kamen, holds patents for 440 inventions.  Among them was a small device that could have revolutionized the Third World and saved thousands, maybe even millions of lives over time.  I saw him demo the device on a TV show.  The model was small enough to carry around, but the production model is about the size of a refrigerator.  It has a small combustion chamber where a person could burn a small amount of combustible material like dry sticks.  The heat produced creates a temperature variation that drives a small pump.  It runs a process called vapor compression.  The pump can filter approximately 250,000 liters of water a year, making it drinkable.  It works with any water source, including sewage.  It also produced enough electrical power to electrify a village.

Why hasn’t this invention gone mainstream all over Africa and Asia?  It would weaken the death-grip of strongmen and warlords over a population.  It decentralizes control. It would make villages independent of large power and utility companies.  Right now, the best shot at it going into areas that need it most are being exploited by Coke, the soft-drink maker.

Science is limited by its funding sources.  Scientists are beholden to those who pay their grants and employ them.  An oil company scientist would find himself on the street if he found a new source of energy that made oil obsolete.  A doctor who found a way to treat cancer effectively and cheaply might find his funding withdrawn because of pressure from Big Pharma.  Chemotherapy is expensive for patients and profitable for the companies that make the drugs.

Science is constantly updating its knowledge base, but technologies that have military applications might never see the light of day.  When you get computer chips on the market nowadays, you can be sure that the military is using something that is a couple generations ahead of what is currently available.  What kinds of beneficial technologies are denied the world because there might be a way for an enemy to use it against us?

The scientifically-oriented like to point out the story of Galileo and the Catholic Church’s efforts to intimidate and suppress his findings.  I would point out that Roman Catholicism was a product of the Great Apostasy.  It was a religion that denied ongoing revelation from God.  What you essentially had was a false science that aligned itself politically against a competing science.  The same can be said of the advocates of Creationism today.  They come from a religious system that denies that God can reveal new truth and they limit themselves to interpreting an ancient collection of texts.

Latter-day saints believe in a living, speaking God who reveals his will to humanity in the current age as well as ancient times.  Interestingly, since the First Vision in 1820, just look at the innovation and progress that has been poured out into the world, particularly in fields of transportation and communications.  The fields that most especially benefit the spreading of the restored gospel message have experienced stunning advances.  Mormons have been involved with many of these innovations.

For now, I find comfort in knowing that the Lord has an open agenda with humanity. He reveals what we need and he can inspire scientific discovery for our benefit.  Truth is independent in the sphere in which God has placed it to act, the D&C tells us.  It finds its way out eventually.  It wants to be known.  The wicked can only suppress it so long.

While I am interested in science, I place my faith in God.  I’m far from the model believer, but I know in whom I place my trust.  The Lord’s track record predictably perfect.  Science can be dubious at times.  Balanced together, faith and science work well for humanity.

Marching for science?

hand of god space

Being older gives you perspective.  You pick up facts along the path of your life.  You see trends and fads that come and go.  I saw one of those today.

On my Facebook feed, I saw a “live” broadcast from one of the local news meteorologists from the Oklahoma City “March for Science.”  My BS detector went off big-time.  It wasn’t because of anything the weather girl said or did.  It was the whole premise of the “march.”

There were all these people marching, carrying signs.  All of the signs had some leftist bent to them.  Some were about global warming or climate change being settled fact–which is far from true.  Others were protesting for higher teacher pay and more public school spending on science and math.  Some were protesting against Creationism.  Others had some anti-religion slogans.  There were a bunch of anti-Trump signs.

Overall, everything I saw seemed to display scorn or derision for religion or issues that pro-religion voters are concerned about.  The idea of having a “march for science” seemed goofy to begin with.  Science isn’t under any kind of threat?  Indeed, it’s religion that has been on the losing end of the culture war.  That’s why I thought it was odd to have the weather girl covering the event on her personal Facebook feed, because she is a Christian.

Many people don’t connect the dots anymore.  Let me put some dots out there for you, in seemingly random order.  Let’s see if you can piece them together yourself.

  • Karl Marx and Frederick Engels publish the Communist Manifesto in February of 1848. In it, the authors wrote ” All religions so far have been the expression of historical stages of development of individual peoples or groups of peoples. But communism is the stage of historical development which makes all existing religions superfluous and brings about their disappearance” (Engels. 1848. p. 40)
  • Vladimir Lenin was born on April 22, 1870. Lenin was the revolutionary leader who led the Bolshevik coup in November 1917.  Lenin built upon the thinking of Marx and Engels, but he introduced ideas of his own.  In particular, please consider:

Lenin went on to argue that the people who would have to bring “socialist consciousness” to the working class “from without” would be “professional revolutionaries”, drawn at first mainly from the ranks of the bourgeois intelligentsia. In fact he argued that the Russian Social Democratic Party should be such an “organisation of professional revolutionaries”, acting as the vanguard of the working class. The task of this vanguard party to be composed of professional revolutionaries under strict central control was to “lead” the working class, offering them slogans to follow and struggle for. It is the very antithesis of Marx’s theory of working class self-emancipation (Marxism vs. Leninism).

This is how Lenin established the Soviet Union. It was not a popular uprising against the monarchy.  It was an “organization of professional revolutionaries,” much like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other groups we see organizing and protesting today.  We see these groups fomenting violence and riot.  The “vanguard party” is the Democratic Party and it is underwritten by various elite, leftist groups and individuals.

In the 1960s, the Democratic Party became radicalized, particularly through the anti-Vietnam War movement.  Groups like Students for a Democratic Society, the Weather Underground, the Black Panther Party, and other groups worked overtly to subvert American culture, religion, and family values.

Part of this radicalization included “liberation” of women, Malthusian and Sangerite notions to implement widespread use of sex education, contraception, abortion, licentiousness, “open” marriages, and homosexuality as part of an agenda to weaken Judeo-Christian values they considered repressive.

Broadcast standards were slackened.  The public gained an increasing appetite for indecent and lewd entertainment.  Music became increasingly degenerate.  Worthless and degrading art was funded by federal grants.  Radicalized students, educated in a leftist catechism entered the world of business, media, entertainment, science, and academia.  Their corrupt philosophies tainted everything they touched.  I can recall one of my favorite bands, Chicago, dedicating their third album to the people of the “revolution.”  They were a product of that radicalization, but they grew out of it as they grew up.

One of the tactics of these subversives is to rename their organizations and activist movements with misleading names.  Students for a Democratic Society wanted to establish a communist dictatorship.  The Union of Concerned Scientists, which still exists today, originally received funding from Moscow.  It’s intent was to encourage the United States to pursue unilateral nuclear disarmament at a time when global expansion was the goal of Soviet Russia.

Even today, “Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t protest when a black person kills another black person.  It is a communist front group trying to start an insurgency.  Media Matter seeks to shut down conservative free speech, leaving only the voice of the leftist monoparty (Media Matters).  It characterizes conservatives as racists and liars, seeking to intimidate right-wing voices.  “Net Neutrality” was about gaining control of independent citizen journalists and bloggers.  The Center for American Progress is a George Soros-funded think tank that supports left-wing causes.  Its definition of progress is “progressivism,” a euphemism for communist dictatorship.

Entire government agencies were set up to achieve left-wing, globalist ends.  The Environmental Protection Agency was devised by the globalists to use environmental regulation to gain control over private property rights and shut down certain American resource extraction industries: timber, coal, oil, etc.  Likewise, the Department of Homeland Security was formed when the Department of Defense failed to defend the homeland.  Obama used it to form a second military force under executive control.  Soviet Russia had a department of homeland (internal) security.  It was called the KGB.

Science in the 1960s made everyone afraid of pollution, but conservative businesses successfully cleaned up the air and waterways.  New technologies were invented by the marketplace.  The left promoted the first “Earth Day” on April 20, 1970.  Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson pushed it through as an event to create momentum for the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.  Why was April 22 picked for Earth Day?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that the first earth day was on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin?

Fear of overpopulation was a big deal in the 1960s.  They wanted “zero population growth” or the world would not survive.  Everyone needed to use contraceptives and only have 1.2 children per family.  (In the liberal mind, China’s one-child policy is the example for the rest of the world.)

Then there was the fear-mongering about global cooling–that we were going to cause another Ice Age.  In the 1980s, it was fear of a nuclear winter (when Reagan was in office.)  Then during he Bush-era, the EPA warned us about chlorofluorocarbons that were eating up the ozone layer.  The earth was in danger and we were all supposed to stop using aerosol deodorants, hair sprays, and air conditioners.  (Then the “settled” science changed when we found that the ozone hole is an annual event that cycles through a contraction and expansion.

Then it became global warming.  East Anglia University in Great Britain was exposed as having suppressed data that didn’t fit their models.  Much of the data regarding global warming is suspect.  It’s far from settled science.  It’s a red herring.  The elites want to be able to tax you for breathing.  God gives us free air and water.  The globalists have got you paying $1.50 a bottle for the most abundant substance on earth and now they want you to pay for exhaling carbon dioxide!  Scientists are bought and paid for the way expert witnesses are in a court of law.  They will say almost anything for money.  Those who won’t toe the line won’t get published and they won’t get on the airwaves.  They are called “deniers” and characterized like white supremacists who say the Holocaust didn’t happen.  (Somehow, that criticism and ostracism doesn’t apply to Muslims who make that claim, but that’s fodder for a different discussion altogether.)

So today, we’ve got leftists doing an anti-religion protest in the streets of Oklahoma’s capital.  This is the land of Oral Roberts.  There are so many Baptist churches here, you couldn’t throw a stone without it bouncing off of one.  For the most part, Oklahomans are God-fearing people.  That’s why it seems so surreal to see people marching in our midst protesting against religion and for science–as if science was going to go away or something.

It’s just the left trying to stir up trouble.  People don’t connect the dots.  The people carrying the signs don’t really see the connections.  If you show them, they call you a conspiracy theorist or a racist.  I’m neither.  I’m just old enough to see the dots and wise enough to connect them.

I could go on more about the left-wing environmentalist wacko stuff, like David Rockefeller’s Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant (Earth Charter). Yep.  The globalists have their own their very deity: Gaia, the Earth Spirit and they have their very own Ark of the Covenant built to their false god, which sits in the UN, home of your future world government.

The battle on earth is for the souls of people.  The godless don’t want you to believe in anything you can’t see.  The godly have faith, but most of them are all for true science.  The radicals and revolutionaries on the left have always opposed revealed religion.  The “March for Science” is a bogus way to deceive good people into supporting something that is against their own faith and self-interest.


oppenheimerI replied back to the Facebook thread that precipitated this blog post as an afterthought:

The old monster movies provide us with an appropriate metaphor.  It was always the mad scientist who created the monster.  The people always ran to the priest for help when the monster threatened their peace.  It has been scientists who brought us nukes, chemical and biological weapons, etc.  Without religion to temper it, science has no moral core whatsoever.  We need science, but science needs religion.  Without that combination, we face destruction at our own hand.

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Mitt’s binders and a lost opportunity

romney_mormon_underwearI try to be as positive as I can.  I have hopes that the Trump Administration might stave off total disaster for several years, but disaster is coming.  I have studied the words of ancient and modern-day prophets.  America’s fate is sealed.  It will be nearly destroyed by secret combinations and foreign powers.  Then by God’s grace, it will be redeemed for his covenant people: the remnant of Lehi’s posterity and those saints who will have gathered out from among the Gentiles.

In 2007, my wife mentioned that the upcoming 2008 presidential race had a different feel to it.  She said, “It’s as if America’s making a choice.”  By that, she didn’t mean a choice of president.  It was making a choice for either survival or destruction.  America was at a crossroads.  The choices were never so clear.

In the GOP primaries, Mitt Romney survived the constant attacks from within his own party.  The other candidates had histories of being adulterers, philanderers, had connections with financial scandal or moral turpitude.  The Christian right balked at Romney because he was a Mormon: a “cultist” in their view.  Even the president of the Southern Baptist Convention said that Mitt’s Mormonism was a bigger problem for them than Gingrich’s divorces, adultery, abandonment of his gravely ill first wife, and his “open marriage” proposal to his prior spouse.

The GOP went with McCain — who had managed to outlive his association with the “Keating Five” scandal — and they lost miserably.

All during that primary season, I was collecting data on anti-Mormon activity.  There was a huge spike in activity among anti-Mormon groups and individuals.  Many LDS meetinghouses were vandalized or torched.  In some areas, latter-day saints became victims of assaults.  A Mormon bishop was shot.  There had not been such a surge in anti-Mormonism since 1989 when the Congress refused to seat B.H. Roberts, a Mormon polygamist., and Reed Smoot in 1902.

Even pundits in the media marveled.  Mormons were suddenly fair game, probably because a Mormon conservative was running for President.  If Harry Reid had run, it would have been different for the left.  The comedic anti-Mormon parody “The Book of Mormon” musical received rave reviews among the worldly and irreligious.  HBO offered “Sister Wives” about a separatist Mormon offshoot sect.  In one episode, they supposedly recreated a part of the Mormon temple ceremony and displayed sacred Mormon temple clothing.  The anti-Mormon outpouring was so substantial that even media pundits mused ironically that Mormonism was the last, safe target of bigotry and intolerance.

Amazingly, Romney was able to come back and capture the nomination on his second attempt.  Here it was in a debate with President Obama that the media found ammunition to portray Romney as out-of-touch with secular America.  Romney related how, in his determination to include many qualified women in his administration as governor of Massachusetts, he had “binders full of women.”

That’s what precipitated this blog post.  This week, Romney’s binders surfaced.  Yes, they were real.  They were filled with resumes and cover letters from around 200 outstanding women who were considered for Romney’s cabinet and various government posts.  The left guffawed over such a dated method of using binders instead of “LinkedIn” or “”Snapchat” to review credentials. Nevertheless, it was real.  It was tangible.  It showed intention and effort in a direction that women would have considered positive.  Typical of Lucifer, who loves to turn truth into a negative, the leftist media framed Romney’s approach in such a way to make it look dated and thus, misogynist.  It’s the “Overton Window.”

Often in life, it is not the “cool people” who get things done and do them right.  Popularity is often based on appearance or a manufactured perception of “cool.”  Romney was not one of the cool guys.  He was a focused numbers guy.  He was a businessman who could save dying businesses and bring them back from the brink–a feat he had accomplished numerous times.  Not a bad deal for a debtor nation with a failing economy.

Obama-As-Jesus-Painting-Criticized-Catholic-LeagueObama, on the other hand, was almost a blank.  America projected what they wanted onto him.  He voted “present” more times as an Illinois legislator than he did “yes” or “no.”  Everything about him was questionable.  The birth certificate.  His nine social security numbers.  His grandmother saying that she was present at his birth in Kenya.  His college applications as a “foreign student.”  Michelle referring to Kenya as his homeland.  George Stephanopolis correcting him in an interview after Obama mentioned “my Muslim faith.”  Rumors of him frequenting gay bathhouses in Chicago.  Shady connections with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and slumlord Tony Rezko.  Obama didn’t even own his own home.  He lived in a home owned by four other people with political ties to the Democrat machine in Illinois.

Meanwhile, the media and pop culture nearly consecrated Obama for secular sainthood.  In the homes of black friends and even Church members, there were posters of Obama that portrayed him as almost divine.  It was a cult of personality.

The sad part was that we knew all of this in 2012.  In 2008, a lot of people were uninformed.  The second time, the entire conservative movement could not have failed to understand who Obama was and what he represented.  Furthermore, we had a full understanding of where he was going based on past performance.  “Weaponization” of the IRS against the Tea Party.  Refusal of the Justice Department to enforce federal drug laws and the borders.  Obamacare.  Bailouts of the “too big to fail” banks.  Government take-over of GM.  Broad executive actions to shut down the energy sector. Handouts to political cronies in various “green” movements.  Nearly a trillion dollars to fund “shovel-ready” projects that never got built.  The money went instead to liberal community action groups.  It was a trillion-dollar slush fund for left wing initiatives.  Payday for the left.

Just the other day, I was attacked online by some guy I don’t even know for busting the Obama sainthood myth–that there were no scandals in the Obama Administration.  It is a precept of liberal orthodoxy: Thou shalt not speak evil of Saint Barack the Blameless.

romney - bom musicalChristian conservatives knew all of this in 2012.  They tried their best to deny Romney the nomination.  The anti-Mormons continued their work.  One by one, they tried to champion other candidates, but each one disqualified himself in some way.  Romney was the last man standing and he got the nomination.  When election time came, just enough evangelical Christians stayed home or voted third party, to give Obama the win again.

In 2016, some of them were begging for Mitt to come back.  Mitt politely declined.  He had been through enough and his Church had been through enough.  He did his duty to his party, as his former role required, but he was not going to be the whipping boy this time.  America had made its choice regarding a Mormon president.

And so we ended up with Trump against Hillary, to the dismay of Christian conservatives.  Trump isn’t a religious guy.  He respects religion as a thing and he believes in God, but he holds no real bona fides as an evangelical.  He doesn’t have a “personal relationship with Jesus.”  He even says he doesn’t need to be forgiven because he doesn’t do anything wrong.  He’s unrepentant.  What the scriptures call a “natural man.”

Given the choices, what could they do?  They had eaten the “sour grape” and set the “children’s teeth” on edge (See Jeremiah 31:30).  As my wife said in 2007, there was a choice to be made.  The Gentiles–evangelical conservatives–were not going to accept a president who believed in living prophets and the Book of Mormon.  Ever.  The choices they ended up with in 2016 were direct results of their rejection of Romney in 2008 and 2012.

This wasn’t rejection of Romney as a man.  It was a rejection of the precepts of Mormonism. Here’s what they rejected.  It’s just one supremely important truth:

That God can still speak outside the pages of the Bible

The ironic thing is that rejection of this precept fundamentally seals their destruction.  Evangelicals believe we live in the last days.  Their own Bible teaches them to expect a time of persecution and tribulation from secularists.  It tells them to prepare.  It tells them to endure.  It tells them that the very testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

If God did not speak to Joseph Smith, then where is the authoritative voice that bears the true spirit of prophecy today?  Who is it? Franklin Graham?  The Pope?  John Hagee?  Who has true prophetic authority to unite Christians and help them endure that which they believe is coming? If God ever chose to speak to anyone else, would they even listen at all–or would they murder him, too, the way they did Joseph Smith?

Thus, in their haste to condemn the precept of modern revelation, they rejected a man who believes in it.  More importantly, they cut themselves off from the very precept and denied it.  When dark times come, they will have their Bible and a thousand different voices saying it means something else entirely.  (Just look up Bible prophecy on YouTube and you’ll see all the conflicting opinions about what the Bible says is to come!)

They were standing in the dark with a candle offered to them and they blew out the candle because the guy holding it was a Mormon.  Now they are in darkness.

Ancient Israel made a similar choice.  They could be ruled by judges and the counsel of God’s prophets or they could have a king, to be like other nations.  They choice the “secular” option, to have a king, against the counsel of God’s prophet.  It was their choice and it brought them hardship and sometimes, even bondage.  They could have men who listened to prophets to govern them or those who did not.  America had the same choice.

I pray that Trump succeeds in keeping America safe and prosperous, because the alternative is war and ruin.  Nobody wants that.  Nevertheless, it may well be what the conservative right chose for themselves.  They got what they wanted.  They will get what they deserve.